Monday, August 4, 2014

Whole30: Day 3 Meals

On to day 3! This was probably the most difficult day so far. My husband and I are snackers to the core. Even when we aren't really hungry, we still like to snack on things. This is a habit we are trying to change with this diet, but that habit was begging for attention this day! It was also a very eye opening day. Eric and I went grocery shopping together so he could look at foods and find things that he likes that maybe I didn't think of, and what we discovered was that every grocery store item has added sugar in it! It's so frustrating trying to find things in a conventional grocery store that are Whole30 compliant! (Besides fruit and veggies, obviously) Anyways, on to our meals!


Kiwi, strawberry, and banana topped with coconut cream, sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds, and shredded coconut! I loved this! Eric did not. He's not a coconut cream fan. Our daughter didn't like it too much either. It is a taste that we aren't used to, but I still liked it a lot. I also learned that the trick to finding canned coconut milk that will actually give you coconut cream is one with no guar gum! Guar gum is the ingredient that keeps the coconut cream and the coconut milk from separating, but you want it to separate for this delicious yogurt-whipped cream replacement. 


Leftover Cauliflower Fried Rice from day two, and some grapes. It made for an easy, no fuss lunch that we all enjoyed!


This is going to be a Sunday tradition I think! This was absolutely wonderful! Is there something missing though??? A salad! I know, I know. I needed to add a salad to this meal to get a good veggie intake. But it's been tough to find store bought compliant salad dressing, and I tried making my own and I just couldn't stomach them! I'll do better next time! This side dish was amazing! Since cranberries aren't in season right now, I subbed for tart red cherries (from a can, packed in water, cause I'm lazy like that) and I think they were about as close to cranberries as you can get as far as taste goes! I will definitely be making this side dish for Thanksgiving!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for day 4!

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