Monday, August 4, 2014

Whole30: Day 2 Meals

I've been spending so much time in the kitchen so far this month, that I didn't have time to post our meals for the last couple of days! Sorry!

Day 2 was another success, and included some of my favorite meals so far! Here's what we had!


 This breakfast was so amazing, and really simple! Eggs fried in pepper rings (I used this recipe here, and subbed butter for ghee) some bacon (any "diet" that lets me eat bacon is a-ok with me!!) and fresh fruit! I'm pretty sure I will be making this every weekend! It was also very filling, so we didn't even need to eat a lot for...


Turkey-Cucumber Roll Ups. These were ok. Not my favorite. I probably wont make them again. I'd much rather have a salad or the Turkey Avocado Rolls from day one


This was a dish that I had been wanting to try for a while, even before starting the Whole30. Mainly because I didn't believe that cauliflower could actually taste like rice! Well, I am here to report that not only did this taste like fried rice, but I think it was even better! I changed the recipe up a bit to fit our needs. I desperately tried to find a suitable soy sauce replacement before dinner time but was unsuccessful, so I seasoned it with just salt and pepper and it still turned out great! I have since gone to Whole Foods and picked up some coconut aminos to try next time! I also added some canned chicken breast (cause it's easy, and that's what works best for me!) and left out the onion and peas because I don't like onions and we can't eat peas. Oh, and I also only needed half a head of cauliflower! It made plenty of "rice." We finished this off with some grapes for desert and called it a day!

So there's day 2! Another pat on the back for us! 

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for day 3!

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