Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Inexpensive Fall Wreath

I love fall. Absolutely. LOVE. Fall! It is my favorite season. There's just something so comforting about the changing leaves, the cooler air, and the excitement of back to school and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving!

However, even though I love fall so much, I don't really do a lot to decorate my own home for the season. In the past I've gone straight from regular every day decor to Christmas (which usually goes up right after Halloween. I know. I'm Christmas crazy!)

This year, I wanted to change that! So as soon as labor day rolled around, I decided it was time to put up my front door wreath!

This wreath was done very inexpensively with supplies found at Goodwill and Dollar Tree! 

The twig wreath I found at Goodwill for $5. It had some really old and sad looking decorations on it, so I just ripped those off and started fresh! I've had this wreath for a while, and it has had quite a few different decorations on it since I got it. That's what I love about twig wreaths. You can change them up so easily with the seasons!

The berries, flowers, and pumpkin cutout I found at Dollar Tree. I was actually pretty impressed with their selection! And unless you look really really really closely, you can't even see that "dollar store quality" that I usually find in their fake flowers! 

To secure everything down, I just used a bit of wire. Super easy, super cheap, and super pretty!

I hope to have more inexpensive fall decorating ideas soon! 

Thanks for reading! 

Happy crafting!

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