Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's In My Diaper Bag? Newborn Edition

This subject has fascinated me since the day I found out I was pregnant. I have no idea why! I guess I just always open a "What's In My Diaper Bag" video or blog post hoping to get a better idea of what I should be carrying around with me in order to make my life easier. So here goes! Hopefully this will make your life easier! If not, then I hope you enjoy anyway! 

The diaper bag that I carry is the Carters Laguna Twill Tall Duffle Diaper Bag. Wow, what a mouth full! I have a couple of other bags that I will carry depending on the occasion, but this is the bag I am drawn to most often. I love it because it doesn't scream "diaper bag," and it has a lot of pockets for the insane amount completely normal amount of items I carry with me!

The main thing I carry in my diaper bag is this diaper clutch by Munchkin. It can easily be carried alone for a short outing, or thrown into my diaper bag when I know I'll be gone the whole day. It has a fold out changing pad that has a little pillow for comfort, and the pad is detachable if you don't need it.

In the diaper clutch I carry...
     1.   Diapers: That's the whole point of this, right? Otherwise this would just be a purse! I usually keep six
           diapers with me at all times, unless I need more than that for an extra long outing.
     2.   Wipes: The diaper clutch came with the wipes case, so I just add to it whenever necessary.
     3.   Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream: I don't use it a lot, only when I notice a bit more redness than usual, but
           I always have it on me just in case.
     4.   Plastic Bags: These are small scented plastic bags from the Dollar Store. They are called "Diaper
           Bags" and come in a pack of 75 for only a dollar! You just can't beat that price! They are the perfect
           size for dirty diapers, or clothing if the baby has a blowout or leak.

     5.   Receiving Blanket: I LOVE receiving blankets. They are so versatile! I use it to keep baby warm, as 
           a nursing cover, as a burp rag, to lay out on the floor to put baby on...I wont leave the house without
           one of these. 
     6.   Nursing Cover: This is a cover that was made for me by a family friend. It's very similar to most 
           covers you can buy. I'm a very private person, so I always like to cover up when nursing in public.
     7.   Lanolin: I don't need it so much anymore, but during the first four weeks of Aria's life, this stuff was 
           a boob saver! 
     8.   Extra Outfit: Just in case Aria poops, pees, or throws up on the one she's wearing!
     9.   Socks: Also, just in case something happens to the ones she's already wearing!
   10.   Burp rag: I usually prefer using the receiving blanket as a burp rag, but I will give this to friends and
           family when they have holding duty. No point in their clothes getting ruined too! 
   11.   Onesie: Again, just in case something happens to the one she's wearing! 

   12.   Johnson's Hand and Face Wipes: I use these to clean spit up off of Aria's hands and face, or to wipe
           off any germs that may have come from someone touching her hands, face, head, get the
           idea ha!
   13.   Johnson's Baby Lotion: No one likes dry skin! I use this on Aria, but mostly on myself!
   14.   Pacifier: Always have to have an extra! We would be in big trouble if she lost her pacifier and we 
           didn't have a back up!
   15.   Thermometer: I must confess that I don't ALWAYS have this with me, but these are all the things that
           I carry when I'll be gone a whole day. I feel more comfortable if I can take Aria's temperature, just in
   16.   Snot Sucker: Just in case!
   17.   Pacifier Wipes: I have pacifier clips that prevent it from dropping on the ground, but sometimes it still 
           manages to hit the floor! These are easy and convenient to have on hand. 
   18.   Hand Sanitizer: No explanation needed, I'm sure!  
   19.   Gas Drops: These ALWAYS go with me! I will use them any time Aria eats. The last thing I want 
           when I'm out and about is a fussy baby with gas!
   20.   Home-made OxiClean: I spray this on Aria's clothes if she has a blow out so they don't stain!

Finally, I have a few things for me! My wallet, ya know, so I can buy things! I also keep a cosmetic bag with extra breast pads, a maxi pad (in those first few months, you never know when you're going to need one,) some under eye concealer, Advil, and chapstick! 

I never realized how much I carried with me until I took it all out to do this post! Now that Aria is nearing the three month mark, I feel like I can clear some of this stuff out, but for those first three months, everything in this bag has come in handy! 

What do you all keep in your diaper bags? Do you have a blog post or video about it? Link it in the comments below! 


  1. Thank you for this, I am preparing for my first and have been reaching out to friends for advice, this post just lifted a weight off my shoulder and crossed one more thing off my list!

    1. So glad I could help, Erin! Congratulations on your little one!

  2. I loved your post here's mine I just started blogging and did whats in my bag post here:
    thanks for your post!

  3. Great posts. I just wish you had opted for natural products instead of these toxic ones; like Johnson & Johnson lotion, Aveeno, hand sanitizer, paci wipes...etc. Maybe you could make a post about replacing all these products (which contains known carcinogens) and write a "the natural diaper bag" post. that would be awesome!

    1. Steph,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! :) I really appreciate it! I don't think it's terrible if someone feels comfortable choosing to use the products I listed above. If they have made the decision that the ingredients in these products are ok for their family, then that's great! But it's been a while since I've written this post, and you may be pleased to hear that I personally have chosen to use more natural products on myself and my family. I've started talking about it more on my YouTube Channel, if you're interested. And I don't really carry around most of these items in my diaper bag anymore now that my daughter is older! But maybe I will do a post or a video on natural substitutes for commonly used baby products?! Thanks for the idea!

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  5. That’s a nice one! You wouldn’t think it’s actually a nappy bag, by the chicness of its design. Also, it’s amazing how the pockets and sections insides are practically divided, so that organizing stuff would be a breeze. I absolutely love how these bags could make everything things easier for mommies when going outside. Cheers!

    Dana Sullivan @ Vanchi

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