Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Moment of Genius

Have you ever had that moment right before you fall asleep, when all your thoughts come together, and you feel like a complete genius? In this instance, genius is a relative term of course. You could be thinking the most illogical thoughts you've ever thought in your life, but something about that state between sleep and awake really rubs your ego! These moments of genius also tend to come about while in the shower, or in the car, or if you're like me, while doing the dishes.

Well lucky for you, this blog is a product of my own genius moment. As I stood in my kitchen, at some point between changing a diaper and washing a wine glass, I thought to myself "I should start a blog..." and now here we are.

This is my life and these are my thoughts as a work from home wife and mom. Some days are bad, most days are good, but every day is a gift, and I'm gonna tie a little bow on it.

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